The most important mechanical motions

Start with Archimedes screw & work forward, show at every step how they effect our world. E.g., lever motion in apop can; the gears; wheels of an Enigma coding machine; the VCR, the Whiffletree, the Velcro machine, the escapement of a watch, the vibrations of a Quartz watch crystal, Babbage's Analytical Engine, a piston/cylinder in a combustion engine, rotary to oscillating motion ....

Please add comments, suggestions, points for discussion below. Also, feel free to modify the description above.


Babbage's Engine (what it could be used for and how it works), a good excuse to get to London
( or at least some early punch card computing (Columbia still seems to have a good collection) [I've been to London and seen it! BTW The book The Differnce Engine by Doron Swade is excellent ... bill-engineerguy]