More everyday objects

I love doing the stuff we did in series #2 and #3 and what's coming in series #4: The engineering behind everyday stuff. Thrilled to do more. What do you want? Most popular request is a solid state hard drive. Anything else?

List of stuff to look into

  • Solid State Hard drive: How it works
  • The cellphone network
  • RFID tags (how do they work without any power source???)

Please add comments, suggestions, points for discussion below. Also, feel free to modify the description above.


SLR Camera

Charge-coupled device (cameras, thermographic as well) ...

[CCD will be in the upcoming series, as well as in the companion book for the series]

Geiger counters

I don't have a good specific suggestion, because some of the best ones you've done have been surprising: things about which I had no questions presented with a focus on the beauty and cleverness of the engineering that I had never considered. the whiffletree, for example kept me up after I planned to go to bed. also the pattern in the cheese melted by the microwave was impressive. I hope that this will help to generate ideas.