Current Status of Series in Production
Updated May 2, 2013

We put tests - perhaps largely incoherent because they are used internal by us to test out things - at Each video in production gets it own channel. Here we put (eventually) what we call StoryVids - these are near complete drafts of a video, often without polish and with placeholders for animations. There is no regular schedule for these and it is pretty hit and miss - they are tests! Feel free to comment on anything to help us make the final videos.

Projects in Development

Faraday This is in entering post production (animation, color grading, etc.). Some tests may appear at As sections get completed the StoryVids (drafts) may appear at

Fourier This series is just finishing pre-production and about to move into production (filming). It introduces the fourier transform and its engineering uses to filter signals.
Some tests are at
As sections get completed the StoryVids (drafts) may appear at

Airship. The story of a british airship, including details on how they fly, are engineered, built, etc. This is in early pre-production. Some tests may appear As sections get completed the StoryVids (drafts) will appear at

Short series on why technological objects fail Three or four videos taking a look beyond the urban myths into why things fail: a) betamax vs VHS in the VCR battles, b) the Dvorak vs QWERTY keyboad, c) the PicturePhone of 1964 (a half billion dollar project!), and d) token ring vs ethernet as a standard for the internet. StoryVids (draft) may appears at