Codes and Cryptography

A general history, emphasizing the mathematics and techniques, being comprehensive in showing all ways to encode; and letting readers apply the codes. For example, a web page with a working enigma machine. Be sure to include the “the machines of cryptography.” Go into detail on public key encryption.

Please add comments, suggestions, points for discussion below. Also, feel free to modify the description above.


A very interesting book on the history and mathematics related to codes is "The Code Book: The Secret History of Codes and Code-breaking"

This would prove another useful training aid for my technology classes as we explore the history behind the encryption systems that many online institutions (ie banks) now use.
I have a particular interest in enigma, typex and sigma encoding machines and how well they stack up against today's high bit encryption systems. (They don't).

On a related note, a brief overview of information theory (Shannon etc) would be helpful for this topic.

Crypto-currency (ie Bitcoin) could work well here, particularly for showing the public/private key relationship.