Ideas for Engineer Guy Series #5

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Why I created this wiki

I want to engage viewers of the engineer guy video series to help me and my co-creators Nick and Patrick choose a subject for our series #5. Currently Nick, Patrick and I are creating series #4 which will come out this fall. (Its in pre-production right now with filming to start soon.) So, this wiki focuses on the series that follows this. We want to review ideas now, so we can start exploring them further and developing them.

What should you do?

You can either comment and refine some of the ideas already posted, or you can create pages with your own idea for engineer guy. To seed this wiki I've created pages with about 13 ideas. Some of the ideas are incomplete or fragments, and some of it may be to hard to turn into compelling video, but it is all stuff I'm interested in. So, this is a kind of brainstorming; welcoming any and all ideas.

You don't need to post a complete idea: Suggestions are fine, new directions ... maybe you want a short course on some subject, or perhaps we should develop kits for schools. Any creative thought or comment is welcome. So, here specifically is what you can do:

  • Start a new page with a new idea - just click on "New Page" near the top of the navigation column on the left.
  • On any existing idea page just add your comments to page; maybe even edit the description. You can also uses the discussion tab if you prefer to comment on ideas. In general, help the idea evolve.

Who can particpate?

Any one! All ages, all experience ... it is open to public. No need to register to read, edit, comment or discuss. Contribute regardless of how you feel about your technical expertise: If all you know is what you want to know ... well I'd like to know that!

What are the rules?

The usual stuff: Don't engage in flame wars, be courteous, kind, perhaps even reverent.

Who owns the ideas here?

No one really. Let's call it a non-exclusive license: If you see something here that you want to use to make your own videos series or write a book then go ahead. You might find us doing the same things! Or, you might not!